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Kori's xxxHOLiC Tv Review


Rated: 7

All in all, I do not regret watching xxxHOLiC and I found it to be worth my time. I enjoyed it, and at times it was even educational in the Japanese folklore. More investigation is needed, though, before I know entirely if what's being said is true.

In some episodes, they were successful in creating a very creepy atmosphere, sometimes not. Also, some unpredicted humour were added and much appreciated.

It is understandable if xxxHOLiC may not live up to everyone's expectations. Being an anime by CLAMP, it does have a lot to live up to. I haven't read the manga and can therefore not say anything about that, or compare it to the anime. If you are, however, like me and don't have much expectations, then you may perhaps appreciate and enjoy this special anime.

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Kori's Honey and Clover Tv Review

Honey and Clover

Rated: 10

Honey & Clover II is a must for those who have seen the first season as it doesn't cover it all, especially when it comes to Morita's character. Much that is left unexplained in the first season is explain in the second. And also, this season gives a final closure to the anime and it ends just wonderfully, in my opinion. It left me breathless, and even though I wouldn't mind seeing more, I feel satisfied with what it has given me.

Honey & Clover is a realistic anime, covering and discussing many topics that will cross a lot of people's paths. Deep and emotional, it speaks of friendship, joy, sadness, love, determination, decisions and much much more.

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Kori's Saber Marionette Ova Review

Saber Marionette

Rated: 7

Throughout the 6 episodes, Saber Marionette J Again tries to keep up the humour in various ways, like raising the level of fan-service (the ecchiness, that is) and taking advantage of the fact that Otaru, being quite a shy guy, is living with seven girls, after all.

If you loved the first series you will most likely like this one as well, but if you thought the first series was mediocre then there's a slight chance that you will think this one is dull. The OAV is supposed to be like a bridge between the first series and J to X, but in spite of that, it can be skipped. It doesn't add to anything particular so you won't miss much, except for some minor character development of the old characters, mostly Lime.

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Kori's xxxHOLiC Ova Review


Rated: 8

xxxHOLiC - A Midsummer Night's Dream is a very nice supernatural-horror anime with a successful creepy atmosphere, and in that, humour has been baked in it. However, it doesn't explain the background to those who haven't read the manga. I, for one, haven't, and so I have absolutely no clue why Watanuki, for example, have the ability to see things. In spite of that, you will still be able to enjoy the movie, that is if you don't get stuck to 'why' this and 'why' that. Maybe it'll be explained in the TV show, and if not, and you still want to know 'why', then you simply have to read the manga.

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Kori's Pia Carrot Ova Review

Rated: 6

Overall, Pia Carrot was quite enjoyable, but definitely not the best movie of its genre. You will notice that they tried to squeeze in a bit of humour and of course fanservice as well, just to make it more appealing. The beauty pageant felt a bit unnecessary but at least they gave a reason for it.

If you're bored and have about an hour to spare, I might just recommend you to watch this, but otherwise not. If you haven't seen this, you haven't missed out on anything. There's almost no progress in the story, in other words no real storyline, and the characters are just barely interesting. Like mentioned before, the only highlight in Pia Carrot is its art.

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Kori's Jinki Extend Tv Review

Rated: 6

Jinki:Extend tries to include humour, but this is swiftly taken over by the serious storyline. It would've been more enjoyable to watch it if it was longer, and so had time to do better character development because it was in the characters and the story that made this anime not one of the better ones in its genre. They were simply trying to compress a too complex story in a 12 episodes show.

Jinki:Extend tried most things, and failed in most of them. If it was longer, then perhaps it would turn out to be quite a decent show after all, but now we'll never know.

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Kori's Erementar Gerad Tv Review

Erementar Gerad

Rated: 9

Overall, Erementar Gerad is an anime which I enjoyed watching very much. The humour found in it will surely make you laugh. They're both original and light-hearted, but as the show progresses, it's toned down to give room for more serious matter. The first episode started off well, although it didn't give you a "Wow!"-feeling, and most episodes leave you in a cliff-hanger, making you want to continue with next episode. If you want an anime with lots of humour, action and a typical love story, then Erementar Gerad is one to recommend.

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Kori's Madlax Tv Review

Rated: 8

I enjoyed watching Madlax very much but it is understandable if some are being put off by how the anime starts as it is, like mentioned before, very confusing. Not much humour is found in Madlax, but not very much action either as one may expect. However, the mystery of the characters and the last piece of the puzzle not being put together until the last episode is enough to keep you watching as you want to know more about them and exactly what role Enfan has. If you ask me, I would greatly recommend Madlax to those who want something serious, something more than just a light-hearted anime.

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